Harshil Rajma

by Girish Kotnala



Just Organik Harshil Rajma is grown and harvested above 2200 Meter height in Harshil valley in a very pleasant high Himalayan atmosphere-across Gangotri National Park.The organic quality Harshil Rajma absorbs water very quickly therefore easily soaked and dissolved in water.Takes at least 1/3rd less time for cooking so it is boiled & cooked very easily.It has a strong flavour with slightly sweet aftertaste. The tasteful thick gravy with robust flavour makes it a welcome addition to salads, soups and rice dishes. The important characteristics of these beans are highly fibrous, anti-acidic & easily digestible, hence as a result people experience a pleasant Zero flatulence feeling .The dietary fiber present in these beans helps in lowering blood cholesterol levels in the body.

Famous Himalayan Harshil Rajma(Kidney beans) from Gangotri Valley of Uttarakhand.A famous pulse being grown in completely non polluted and chemical free environment of place called Harshil or Harsil in Uttarakhand. Harshil Rajma is a very good source of cholesterol lowering fibers and virtually fat free quality protein. its fiber content prevents blood sugar level from rising rapidly after meal.Grown organically in the Gangotri Valley of Uttarakhand, Harshil Rajma has a distinct aroma and flavour, and takes very less time to cook.

It is generally served with steamed rice or roti,which makes it an ideal staple for everyday consumption and is a popular pahadi delicacy in the hills of Kumaon and Garhwal region of the Himalayan state.

One of the most popular vegetarian delicacies of North India, the organic Harshil Rajma from the pristine Himalayan valleys is sure to satiate your taste buds. Whip it up with onion, tomatoes and Indian spices and garnish it with coriander leaves for a truly unforgettable meal.

Brownish white in colour, the taste of Harshil Rajma is completely unique.


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Girish Kotnala